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Teens ARE Changing health and wellness in their lives, communitY, and world.

We’re on a mission to support and celebrate you on this journey.

change starts with you!

Teens Make Health Happen is all about teens taking charge of health and wellness for themselves and those around them. Each of you has an important role to play when it comes to initiating change and making an impact. 

Healthcorps teens and coordinators gathered around

let us guide and inspire you.

We are so excited to be part of your community. We’re here to support your journey and propel you forward by curating health information, offering free tools, and developing programs that will help you make a positive difference.

Teens and health corps coordinator doing a thumbs up

ready to make an impact?

Knowledge is power. Explore health topics in our blog spot aimed at helping you live your best life and giving you a foundation to be an advocate in your community.

Ready to take the lead? We’ve got tools for that, too:

Teens holding heart art with healthy food

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