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Mega Mentor Moment with Daphne Oz

This week, we’re connecting with Daphne Oz, a Emmy award winning television host, chef, and one of Healthcorps’ Ambassadors.

Interested in finding Daphne’s recipes? Visit her website or social media pages!

Today Daphne Oz shares her creative process and where she finds motivation to keep doing what she loves.

When it comes to creating new recipes, Daphne takes inspiration from the world around her. This manifests itself in several ways like trying new dishes, visiting new places, tasting specialties, and visiting the farmers market. As she absorbs the different smells and feast on different specialty dishes, she makes sure to keep an open mind and see how the flavors meld together. Through these experiences, she is able to build her confidence as she develops new recipes.

If there is one thing that she wants you to take away from this, it is that there are no bad ideas! The process of experimenting, discovering new foods and flavors, and improvising in the kitchen all contribute to the final end goal: the perfected recipe. For every new recipe she creates, there are tons that have failed. However, this feeds new inspirations and ideas, ultimately leading to the end product. As long as you move on and move forward, take what you’ve learned, then there are no bad ideas! This lesson can apply both in and outside of the kitchen.

Another source of inspiration is from her community. Daphne is always looking for ways to improve the community around her – this is actually what inspired her to create Healthcorps. When she was younger, she realized that understanding how to care of our body almost like a medicine, and within that, food plays an essential role. With food, we can more easily take charge and take control over our health, however, many do not understand or know how to begin. She wanted to make nutrition information bite-sized, accessible, and useful for all (teenagers in particular). As you notice needs of your own and your community, she encourages you to think about what you might need to make your health journey easier and simpler, and how you can take charge to address this need.

As you take listen to these messages, what does it inspire you to do next? Watch the full videos below and let us know in the comments!

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