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Mega Mentor Moment with Jas Mathur

Listen to Jas Mathur, founder of Limitless X.

Jas sits down with HealthCorps founder Dr. Oz to discuss his career trajectory as a tech-turned-wellness entrepreneur. Having gone through his own personal health journey, Jas Mathur is a strong advocate for health and wellness and is now partnered with HealthCorps.

Jas got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he was a teenager, specializing in web creation. Although that led to his first career with great success, he also admits that he sacrificed his personal health. Thus began his journey into the health and wellness field. He now works as a fitness expert and manages several health businesses. Below are some tips he wants to share with teenagers.

Remember to maintain balance. During his teenage years, Jas spent his days “glued” to his computer honing in on his skills a web creator. Through these years, he admits he neglected his physical health. Reflecting back on these years, he expresses that his one regret is that he lost that balance. Jas reminds listeners that (1) health should always come first and (2) avoid devoting and focusing all of our attention on just one thing – find a balance and don’t lose sight of it.

There is no such thing as failure in this world, Jas states, only lessons. The first or second time we “fail” it can feel as if our whole world is crumbling around us, but Jas encourages listeners to reflect on these moments and see what lessons are learned instead. Success takes time and we can learn a lot as we go along.

Watch the full videos below!

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