All the Fixings for the Mission: Guide to Planning a Service Activity

“All the Fixings for the Mission” is a planning guide to creating service events and opportunities for your community.

Several studies worldwide show the overwhelmingly positive effects of community service and volunteerism on building resilience. Communities tend to strengthen through a sense of cohesiveness. And for those who do the serving, evidence points to stronger social relationships and even increased career prospects.

In honor of the MLK Jr. National Day of Service, we invite YOU to partake in a day of service. There are countless ways to get involved. 

Inside this toolkit you will find prompts to help inspire your passion to serve, a planning guide to help make your service event a reality, a sign-up sheet for your event, and an email template to help foster partnerships between your event and an organization that aligns with your goals. Video lesson resources have also been provided to help educate your team on the power and benefits of service.


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